Telemental Health Laws App

Epstein Becker Green is pleased to present its 2018 Telemental Health Laws app, its latest and most comprehensive survey of state telehealth laws, regulations, and policies for mental and behavioral health practitioners and stakeholders across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 2018 data is an update to the firm’s original 50-State Survey of Telemental/Telebehavioral Health (2016) and its 2017 Appendix.

While other state-focused telehealth surveys exist, Epstein Becker Green's 50-state survey focuses solely on the remote delivery of behavioral health care services. And, with changes rapidly taking place in this industry, Epstein Becker Green has recognized the benefit of keeping this important resource up to date as the legal and regulatory landscape continues to evolve.

Compiled by attorneys in Epstein Becker Green's Telehealth & Telemedicine practice, the 2018 survey continues to track the rapid growth of telemental health services and the continually complex legal issues associated with this trend in health care. Additionally, the 2018 survey provides a comprehensive source for state-by-state coverage of legal issues related to the provision of telemental health services, such as:

  • Definitions of “telehealth" and “telemedicine"
  • Licensure requirements for providers of telemental health services
  • Criteria for establishing practitioner-patient relationships via telehealth technologies
  • Accepted modalities for the delivery of telemental health services (e.g., telephone, video) in order to meet standards of care
  • Coverage and reimbursement issues
  • State requirements for remote prescribing

To learn more, see the survey Overview and the firm's press release, and download the complimentary appꟷavailable for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.