Industry-Leading Strategic Alliance

Global employers today face growing market complexities, from legislative changes and compliance to the technological and social forces, which are transforming the future of work. Whether solving global mobility issues, designing employee equity incentives, negotiating collective bargaining arrangements, or responding to increasing public attention around harassment or equal pay issues, workforce issues can impact a company’s ability to attract and retain talent or damage its reputation and market value in an instant. These issues have created a confluence of legal and business challenges for employers that can no longer be separated or dealt with in isolation. As a result, every organization requires business advisors who can address the combined business and legal issues related to its multinational workforce.

Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal have aligned to provide, when and where needed, a multidisciplinary team of business and legal professionals who can present comprehensive solutions to significant workforce issues that affect a company’s market position, strategy, innovation, and culture.

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This alliance—having Epstein Becker Green’s employment, labor, and workforce management attorneys on the ground in the U.S. and Deloitte Legal's professionals on the ground globally—allows us to deliver multidisciplinary services using a holistic approach.

Sampling of Alliance Offerings 

AI in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the workforce in a number of ways. The alliance will provide advice on the legal risks and organizational implications of implementing AI in key human resource functions. For example, using AI in the hiring process may create potential disparate impact discrimination challenges that the alliance can address.  With a team covering the legal, IT, and business aspects of a challenge, the team can advise on the legal risks while also looking at AI to determine if the risk is properly remediated or exaggerated and recommend a solution.

Compensation and Benefit Plan Design

The strategy and design of employee health and benefit offerings have never been more critical toward attracting and retaining talent, to shaping the culture of an organization, and to an organization’s bottom line.  This alliance brings with it industry and subject-matter know-how, as well as an understanding of the numerous legal requirements, to holistically address these issues, which would not have been possible, under one umbrella, without this alliance.

Global Employment Policies

This alliance assists multinational corporations in globalizing policies and procedures (including, but not limited to, providing global mobility solutions), particularly for handbooks, work rules, codes of conduct, vacation/absences, and business ethics.

Global Reorganizations

When it comes to global corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, and combinations, the alliance team will work collaboratively on the organization design, due diligence, benefit plans and headcount impact, employee mobility, communication and rollout strategy—all mindful of the attendant legal and business ramifications that such large-scale projects present.

About the Alliance

The basic terms of the agreement among the parties are as follows:

  • Deloitte Legal Germany and the other participating Deloitte Legal member firms entered into a non-exclusive alliance with Epstein Becker Green to create the first and largest global employment law and workforce management services resource for employers.
  • The non-exclusive alliance excludes the Deloitte U.S. member firm, which cannot provide employment law services and did not participate in the non-exclusive alliance.