Robert D. Reif Fellowship


Epstein Becker Green created the Robert D. Reif Fellowship with the assistance of American University Washington College of Law. The mission of the Robert D. Reif Fellowship is to honor the memory of our longtime partner Robert "Bob" Reif by furthering his commitment in the practice of law to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism in dealing with clients, fellow attorneys, and the community.


We believe, as did Bob, that there are core values in the legal profession that transcend the social and economic changes that take place over time and that such values provide a moral compass that guides a good lawyer to uphold justice, the rule of law, and service to the community, while faithfully representing clients. Our vision is to perpetuate and enhance such values by enabling law students to engage in further study and research into legal ethics and values, thereby enhancing the profession's and society's appreciation of their importance.

Program Description

Epstein Becker Green created the Robert D. Reif Fellowship with the assistance of American University Washington College of Law and in conjunction with law professor, Mary Clark, who focuses on these issues.

Past Finalists and Winners






  • Vidya Dindiyal – “Ensuring Due Process Rights and Fair Access for Society’s Most Vulnerable Low-Wage Workers: What Are Defense Counsel’s Ethical Obligations with Regards to Communications with Potential Class Members?”




  • Farrah Champagne – “Judging the Justices: Supreme Court Ethics, Recusals, and Conflicts of Interest”

Making a Contribution

Contributions made to the fellowship are tax deductible. Anyone wishing to donate funds should fill out the form below and then send it with a check (made payable to "American University Washington College of Law" or "AUWCL") or credit card information directly to:

Amy Simmons
Senior Manager of Legal Recruitment & Professional Development
Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.
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