#WorkforceWednesday: Wage and Hour Enforcement Under President Biden

Employment Law This Week® - Episode 199


This week on our special podcast series, Employers and the New Administration, we look at how the Biden administration’s approach to wage and hour issues will impact employers. Special podcast episodes air every other #WorkforceWednesday. Subscribe on your preferred podcast platform below.

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Wage and Hour Enforcement Under President Biden

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has already adopted the Biden administration’s commitment to enforcement, its movement against arbitration agreements, and a fresh view on worker classification. What other wage and hour developments can employers expect under President Biden?

This episode features special guest Jon Steingart, a senior reporter for Law360’s new and expanded Law360 Employment Authority, and attorney Paul DeCamp, a past Administrator of the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division. Attorney David Garland leads the conversation.

Read more about some of the issues discussed in today’s show.

Other Highlights

CA Appeals Court Decision Intact Despite Proposition 22

Recently, the rideshare and food delivery businesses involved in challenging the scope of California’s AB 5 petitioned the CA Supreme Court. Among other things, one of the businesses argued that voter approval of Proposition 22 destroyed the legal basis for a previous CA Court of Appeal injunction. In a curious decision, the CA Supreme Court denied the petitions for review, leaving the Court of Appeal’s decision intact. In light of Proposition 22, the denial likely will not have any impact on the businesses’ operations going forward. Read more.

Form 300A Posting Requirements Waived for Closed Businesses

Businesses and establishments closed due to COVID-19 got some regulatory relief when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration waived the Form 300A posting requirement for the 2021 annual notification period. Click for more.

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave: Latest Updates

As workers begin to use the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave program, there are some updates and forthcoming guidance to bear in mind. Here’s the latest.

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