Proactive Compliance Initiatives for Private Equity Platform Companies: Add-On Diligence Strategy

Webinar (ET)

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Josh Freemire, Anjana Patel, David Weiss

Please join Epstein Becker Green attorneys for the webinar, "Add-On Diligence Strategy," one of five in a fall series that will address how proactive compliance initiatives are critical to a platform’s operations, expansion efforts, and eventual monetization upon exit.

Diligence efforts should continue in some documented form for a platform’s add-on and tuck-in acquisitions. It may appear to be less important to engage in due diligence beyond financial analysis if “it is just a small add-on,” but large potential exposures can still lurk regardless of a company’s size, and recovery from past owners (who may now be current employees) can be difficult at best.

The second webinar in this series will address different approaches to establishing a cost-effective assessment of the “compliance health” of smaller add-on (or tuck-in) targets, including the use of “SWAT” teams staffed in part by the company and in part by outside professionals.

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