EEO-1 Component 2 Data Submissions Are Due September 30

Countdown to Compliance

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently announced that its 2019 EEO-1 Component 2 portal is now open and accepting submissions.

Employers with this requirement only have until September 30, 2019, to submit and certify their data to the EEOC.

All employers with 100 or more employees are required to electronically file Component 2, providing workforce employment data, including pay and hours worked, grouped by gender, race/ethnicity, and job category for calendar years 2017 and 2018. The deadline to file Component 2 data is September 30, 2019. This is in addition to the EEO-1 Component 1 data that was due May 31, 2019.

Since this data will be readily available, employers should also consider taking steps toward complying with federal, state, and local pay equality laws by performing their own audits. Epstein Becker Green attorneys are available to assist employers’ human resources, payroll, and legal teams in both submitting Component 2 data and conducting pay equity audits.

For more information, if you need assistance with preparing Component 2 data, or for questions about conducting pay equity audits, please contact:

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New York
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Washington, DC
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