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Recalibrating Federal Agencies, Marijuana Legalization, the Changing Nature of Work

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#BigIdeas2020: NLRB’s Actions Impact Employers in 2020

#BigIdeas2020: Facial Recognition Technology and Employer Compliance

#BigIdeas2020: Open Discussion of Mental Health in the Workplace

NLRB General Counsel Signals Major Shift on Neutrality Agreements

DOL Enforcement Records, CSAL Supplement, AI Technology, NJ’s Gig-Worker Bill

DOL Sets Enforcement Records Again

As AI Technology Gains Popularity, Legislation Follows in Illinois

FAA Arguably Preempts California Law, New CA Employment Laws for 2020, CA Consumer Privacy Act Amended

DOL’s Final Overtime Rule, CA Codifies “ABC Test,” Pay Data Collection Beyond 2018, NLRB’s Busy Summer

NLRB Wraps Up a Busy Summer 2019

DOL Issues Final Overtime Rule

EEOC Presses Pause on Pay Data Collection Beyond 2018

Pay Data Collection, Strengthening Worker Protections, NJ’s “Wage Theft” Legislation

New Jersey Employers Face Tougher Penalties for “Wage Theft”

Global Employment Policies

DOJ Appeals Ruling on Pay Data Collection

Cannabis User Protections, WHD Opinion Letters, New Salary History Bans, NYS Anti-Harassment Training Deadline

Illinois Employers Prepare to Just #DUEIT as Recreational Marijuana Is Legalized

State Legislation Heats Up, NLRB Overturns Precedent, SCOTUS Term Ends

Illinois Employers Prepare for Legal Weed

Connecticut Employers Face New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Gig Worker Classification, NLRB Rulemaking Agenda, Non-Compete Agreement Backlash

National Backlash Builds Against Non-Compete Agreements

DOL Says Some Gig Workers Are Not Employees

EEOC Pay Data Deadline, Class Arbitration Ruling, Scope of Title VII, Marijuana Drug Test Ban, “Wage Theft” Hearing

NJ Limits NDAs, DOL’s Proposed Overtime Rule, Pay Data Collection, Sexual Harassment Training

EEOC Proposes September Deadline for Pay Data Reporting

DOL Proposes New Joint-Employer Rule

Don’t Forget, Contractors Are People Too

Predictive Scheduling Laws, the New Normal?

New Jersey Bans Non-Disclosure Agreements in Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Settlements

SCOTUS Vacates Pay-Equity Ruling, NYC Bans Grooming Policy Restrictions, Tip Credit Rule, Workplace Gossip, AI in HR

DOL Issues Proposed Overtime Rule

District Court Reinstates Pay Data Collection

Supreme Court Sends Equal Pay Case Back to the Ninth Circuit

Washington State Considers Sweeping Data Privacy Act

Making AI Work for HR

NYC Bans Grooming Policy Restrictions That Have a Disparate Impact

Biometric Privacy Ruling, Supreme Court and Arbitration, Overtime Rule, NLRB Update

Litigation, Regulatory Delays During the Government Shutdown

A Look Back and the Year Ahead

Our 100th Episode – HR’s Critical Role in 2018

Joint Employer Definition, Background Checks, Cadillac Tax, OSHA Targets the Health Care Industry