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Attorney Steven M. Swirsky discusses the significance of the NLRB's proposed rule that would adopt a new standard for determining whether two employers are “joint employers.” 

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This Employment Law This Week Deep Dive episode focuses on preventing harassment in the #MeToo era.

News Development:  Ian Carleton Schaefer discusses how sexual harassment training is evolving in the #MeToo era.

Ninth Circuit Voids No-Rehire Clause, Massachusetts Discourages Non-Competes, California Reviews Wage-Hour Issues, NLRB Streamlines Case Handling

OSHA’s Reporting Rule Rollback, CA’s Salary History Ban, Former Uber Drivers Are Employees, NYC’s Temporary Schedule Change Law, Model FMLA Forms Expired

Special Edition: The ADA Turns 28

Supreme Court Nominee, NJ Employment Bills, Rounding Employees’ Hours, More State Employment Regulations

Justice Kennedy Retires; Combining Labor, Education Departments; Gig Economy Misclassification Case; DC Tipped Workers

Special Edition – Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

NLRB GC’s Workplace Policies Memo, Proposed Joint-Employer Rule, Disclosure Requirements for Startups, Sex Harassment Confidentiality Agreements

SCOTUS Rules for Baker, Waiting-Time Penalties, the “Epic” Effect, New Salary History Bans

Arbitration Agreement Enforcement, Maryland’s #MeToo Legislation, California’s National Origin Regulations

Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers: An Interview with Paul DeCamp

Supreme Court Says Employers Can Require Class Action Waivers: An Interview with Steve Swirsky

Agencies Release Regulatory Agendas, EEOC’s Anti-Harassment Article, Class Certification Evidence, Philadelphia’s Salary History Ban

This week, we focus on employee mobility, an area of law that’s top of mind for many employers and employees at all levels. 

Employee Mobility Legislation, Independent Contractor Test, Emails Protected by NLRA, Notice for Title VII Suits

NJ’s Equal Pay Act, FLSA Opt-Ins, “Ambush Election” Rule, Guidance on New Tax Credit

Crack Down on Non-Solicitation Agreements, DOL Opinion Letters, New NLRB Member, State Law Developments

Sexual Harassment Legislation, Browning-Ferris Appeal, DTSA Whistleblower Immunity, Salary History and Wage Gaps

SCOTUS Rules for Auto Dealerships in OT Case, Tip-Pooling Restriction, Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Awards, Unemployment Benefits

In this week's show, we take a look at the legal implications of an intriguing trend in the field of human resources: the use of big data and people analytics.

Washington State “Bans the Box,” New NYCHRL Standard, Union Election Rule, The Weinstein Company

NYC’s #MeToo Legislation, Title VII & Gender Identity, False Claims Act Lawsuit, Flu Shot Policy

Sunlight in Workplace Harassment Act, Joint-Employer Test, Guidance on MA Pay Equity Law, DOL’s PAID Pilot Program

Title VII & Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Joint-Employer Test, Dodd-Frank Protections, Equal Pay Lawsuit

Harassment Claims Trigger Shareholder Suits, Misclassification Standard Under Review, EEOC’s New Strategic Plan

Delivery Driver Ruled Independent Contractor, Parental Leave Proposal, Federal Contractor Audits, Ambush Election Rules

NLRB Considers Case-Processing Changes, New EEOC Sexual Harassment Guidance, DOJ Memos on False Claims Act Litigation

Criminal Prosecution of Anti-Poaching Agreements, EEOC Publishes 2017 Data, Organizational Changes at NLRB, NYC’s “Cooperative Dialogue” Requirements

DOL’s Association Health Plan Proposal, NJLAD Includes Nursing Mothers, New Unpaid Intern Test, HHS’s Conscience-Based Protections

Workplace Harassment Review in Federal Courts, DOL Opinion Letters, NLRB Nomination, ICE Raids

Our 100th Episode – HR’s Critical Role in 2018

Changes at the NLRB, New Tax Bill, EEOC Wellness Rules, New California Laws

Special Year-End Wrap-Up

NLRB GC Memo, Third Travel Ban, Paid Leave Credit for Employers, ERISA Disability Benefits Rule Delayed

New Minimum Wage Ruling, NYC’s Paycheck Deduction Law Challenged, Top Compliance Concerns, Fiduciary Rule Delayed

New York Employee Scheduling Regulations, NLRB General Counsel Confirmed, Decrease in EEOC Charge Backlog, New Local $15 Minimum Wage Law

EEOC Online Public Portal, Paid Sick Leave Preemption Law, DOL to Appeal Texas Ruling, California Law Makes Contractors Jointly Liable for Their Subs’ Unpaid Wages

Joint Employer Definition, Background Checks, Cadillac Tax, OSHA Targets the Health Care Industry