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2020 in Review and What's to Come in 2021 - #WorkforceWednesday (January 6, 2021) - The past year tested our resilience, and COVID-19 forced everyone to think creatively and adapt quickly. Nowhere was that seen more clearly than in the workplace. Insights are contributed by attorneys Brian G. Cesaratto, Denise Merna Dadika, Nathaniel M. Glasser, RyAnn McKay Hooper, Shawndra G. Jones, Cassandra Labbees, Robert J. O'Hara, and George Carroll Whipple.

Considerations for Extended Remote Work - #WorkforceWednesday (August 12, 2020) - As the uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many employers are considering extended or permanent work-from-home (WFH) models. Attorneys Brian Cesaratto and Shawndra Jones share some tips for employers on cybersecurity and other issues to consider when implementing extended WFH models.