#WorkforceWednesday: The Biden EEOC, New Religious Guidance, and Diversity Training Ban Repealed

Employment Law This Week® - Episode 196


This week, we look at leadership changes and new religious guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Biden EEOC Takes Shape

The Biden EEOC is taking shape, with Democratic Commissioner Charlotte Burrows stepping in as the new EEOC Chair. Commissioner Jocelyn Samuels, also a Democrat, will serve as the new Vice Chair.

EEOC Revises Religious Guidance

Meanwhile, the EEOC’s Republican majority pushed ahead with revised religious guidance, updated to reflect several U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The guidance addresses reasonable accommodations for employees with sincerely held religious beliefs and includes an analysis of what constitutes an undue hardship for an employer.

President Biden Repeals Diversity Training Ban

In one of his Day One Executive Actions, President Biden rescinded former President Trump's anti-bias training ban. Federal contractors have 60 days to adjust their training programs.

Other Highlights

$15 Minimum Wage for Federal Employees

In other news for federal contractors, President Biden instructed the Office of Personnel Management to make recommendations to promote a $15/hour minimum wage among federal employees, including contractors. Read more.

“Just Cause” Employee Termination Laws Gain Traction in Certain Sectors

New York City and Los Angeles have now enacted laws that have created “just cause” requirements for employers in certain industries. Attorney David Prager speaks with Bloomberg about LA’s “right of recall” ordinance, which has imposed de facto “just cause” requirements for employers in industries like travel and events that have laid off workers amid the pandemic.

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