Reif Quoted in Fortune Small Business on Questionable Business Deal

Robert Reif, Chair of the Firm's Business Law Practice, was quoted in the "Ask & Answer" column on the CNNMoney/Fortune Small Business website concerning whether a contractual agreement that was unwittingly concluded with a partner at a rival company could have been an illegal business transaction.

The column was titled, "Did I Stumble Into An Illegal Business Deal?"

Generally, said Reif, there are few limitations on contracting, and it is not illegal to contract with the partner of a rival company. He added, however, that if the partner was prohibited by the rival company from entering into an agreement with a competitor, there could be grounds for a legal claim under the tort of "intentional interference with a contract" or "intentional interference with prospective advantage." Other claims also could arise, such as if the parties to the contract are using trade secrets or if a contract.