Recap: Top 10 Antitrust Issues in 2020

Antitrust Byte

Throughout 2020, Antitrust Byte covered a variety of antitrust issues that should be top of mind for stakeholders in the health care industry. In case you missed any, below are the top 10 issues of last year, with links to each of the related Antitrust Bytes:

  1. DOJ and FTC Announce Expedited Review Process for COVID-19 Requests
  2. Antitrust Law Compliance During Public Health Emergencies
  3. Expect Delays in the HSR Clearance Process Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
  4. Almost Business as Usual for Antitrust Enforcers
  5. A New Antitrust “Safety Zone” for Vertical Mergers
  6. FDA and FTC Join Forces to Promote Biosimilars
  7. Oncology Provider Is Subject to $100 Million Criminal Antitrust Penalty
  8. FTC Commissioners Question Use of Divestiture as an Effective Merger Remedy
  9. Revisiting a Dominant Firm’s Obligation Under Antitrust Laws to Deal with a Rival
  10. The FTC's Annual Report Shows Continued Interest in Health Care

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