Recap: Top 10 Antitrust Issues in 2018

Antitrust Byte

Throughout 2018, Antitrust Byte covered a variety of antitrust issues that should be top of mind for stakeholders in the health care industry. In case you missed any, set forth below are the top 10 issues of last year, with links to each of the related Antitrust Bytes:

  1. Does a Bankruptcy Proceeding Change the HSR Filing Process?
  2. DOJ's Antitrust Division Reiterates Its Stance Against Conduct-Related Remedies
  3. Tying Arrangements May Violate Antitrust Laws
  4. Horizontal Mergers: Is a “Dominant Payer” Defense Viable?
  5. How to Avoid “Gun Jumping” in Corporate Transactions
  6. New Reporting Thresholds Under Hart-Scott-Rodino
  7. The “SMARTER” Act Moves a Step Closer to Harmonizing the Merger Review Process
  8. Providing Discounted Drugs to Employees, Retirees, and Dependents
  9. Antitrust Analysis of Competitor Collaboration Agreements
  10. Is Your Agreement Non-Exclusive in Name Only?

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