Jeffrey Ruzal Quoted in “Employee or Contractor? New U.S. Guidelines Could Reclassify Workers”

NPR, All Things Considered

Jeffrey H. Ruzal, a Senior Counsel in the Labor and Employment practice, in the firm’s New York office, was interviewed by Yuki Noguchi, in an All Things Considered segment on NPR titled “Employee or Contractor? New U.S. Guidelines Could Reclassify Workers.”

Following is an excerpt:

Jeff Ruzal, an attorney representing employers, disagrees. "What is new, really, is the tag line. And that's what the DOL is pushing. And that tag line is, 'most workers are employees,'" he says.

Ruzal says he's advising clients to audit their contractor base and either make adjustments to payrolls or shorten contracts. Another concern is that labor activists and employees will use these new guidelines to go after deep-pocketed businesses.

Listen to the full broadcast here: