Helaine Fingold Featured in “Baltimore Senior Counsel Specializes in Health Care Policy”

CBS Baltimore

Helaine I. Fingold, Senior Counsel in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the firm’s Baltimore office, was featured in a Q&A with CBS Baltimore, in “Baltimore Senior Counsel Specializes in Health Care Policy.”

Following is an excerpt:

Q: What inspired you to enter the field of healthcare law?

A: “Through an exchange program my junior year of high school, I lived with a family in Sweden and learned about their health care and social welfare systems. This led to my interest in health care and health insurance coverage.” …

Q: What is some advice you can offer those looking to go into health care law or policy?

A: “For attorneys, seek out related government employment because health care policy decisions are made at these levels. Acquire actual experience from within government, it will make you a better job candidate. ...

“For policy, many people enter this field with graduate degrees in areas such as policy, actuarial science, public health, nursing, pharmacy. A law degree is not required, but it does add flexibility to your options.”