Halting Harassment: 7 Rules of the Road

Learn the “7 Rules of the Road” for halting sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • Rule #1: Don’t Be Creepy®
  • Rule #2: No Inappropriate Touching
  • Rule #3: It’s Not About You - It’s About Me
  • Rule #4: No Dreams and Definitely No Beds
  • Rule #5: Keep Compliments Work-Appropriate
  • Rule #6: Keep Your Clothes On
  • Rule #7: Apply the Rules Equally

This video was prepared as part of Halting Harassment: Rules of the Road for a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace, an interactive e-learning solution to address mandatory anti-harassment training requirements, created by law firm Epstein Becker Green. Halting Harassment helps employers encourage behaviors that foster a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue, and forward-looking employers engage employees in respectful, inclusive conversations on preventing harassment in the workplace.

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