Epstein Becker Green Featured in “Labor Board Chairman Wants Decisions Made as His Term Winds Down”

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report

Epstein Becker Green was featured in the Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, in “Labor Board Chairman Wants Decisions Made as His Term Winds Down,” by Chris Opfer.

Following is an excerpt:

National Labor Relations Board Chairman Philip Miscimarra (R) has his hands full in the three months left in his term.

“For sure we are going to be very, very busy as an agency,” Miscimarra told a group of lawyers today at an event hosted by Epstein Becker Green. “I’m going to do everything I can to try to increase our output between now and the end of my term.”

Any cases he participated in that are not decided before he leaves Dec. 16 would have to be restarted, Miscimarra said. That could mean long delays for unions and employers with business before the board.

“Every time we have a board member’s end of term, it becomes very important to issue as many decisions as possible in cases that member has participated in,” Miscimarra said. “For cases, for example, where I’ve voted and a decision has not been issued, a case can be delayed for two or three or four years because it needs to be considered by a new panel.”