Avoiding Harassment Claims: Steps to Take Now

Hospitality Trendz March 2018

Adriana S. Kosovych, Associate in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s New York office, authored an article in Hospitality Trendz, titled “Avoiding Harassment Claims: Steps to Take Now.”

Following is an excerpt (see below to download the full version in PDF format):

The recent outbreak of allegations and admissions of sexual harassment and assault across the country has brought workplace harassment into the spotlight as the new “hot topic” for employers and owners/operators nationwide. While this heightened awareness of sexual harassment issues affects a wide range of industries, The Washington Post reported in an article earlier this year that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s data reflects more complaints of sexual harassment arising in the hotel and food industry than in any other industry category. In order to mitigate the risk of sexual harassment or assault complaints on their own property, hospitality owners and operators can take a number of proactive steps.