“… As Best as Your Interests Don’t Conflict with Mine”: Lawyers Fighting Over Intellectual Property

ILN IP Insider

James P. Flynn, a Member of the Firm and the Managing Shareholder of the firm’s Newark office, authored an article in ILN IP Insider, titled “'… As Best as Your Interests Don’t Conflict with Mine': Lawyers Fighting Over Intellectual Property.”

Following is an excerpt:

Well, it seems that lawyers have begun to see their own interests conflicting with those of other lawyers in the field of intellectual property.

Here are just a few examples.

Lawyers In Trademark Fights: A Tennessee lawyer once published a proclamation that included the following: “I protest against your right to use my name in any manner whatsoever without my consent, or authority. I am a gentleman, and I have always practiced my profession like a gentleman. You will oblige me by not sending me any more of your business, for I decline most emphatically to have any business relations with you now or at any time,” adding that “A good name among his fellow citizens is the best asset a lawyer can have—indeed, greater than legal ability or legal success.” …