US Healthcare Market Playbook: The Effective and Efficient Reimbursement Strategy

Virtual Event (PT)

Machelle Dunavant Shields, Strategic Advisor, will co-present "The Effective and Efficient Reimbursement Strategy" at the US Healthcare Market Playbook, a virtual event which runs from May 3 to 6, hosted by the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC).

The US Healthcare Market Playbook is a 4-day boot camp where entrepreneurs and professional service providers cover fundamentals topics.

Topics include:

  • Tips for raising funds in the US healthcare market
  • Healthcare marketing strategies and tactics
  • Effective & efficient regulatory strategies
  • Security & privacy compliance
  • FDA documentation & certifications
  • Clinical endpoints – data collection, monitoring & analysis
  • The US health insurance structure
  • Effective reimbursement strategies

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