The Affordable Care Act: Post-SCOTUS


Mark Lutes, Member of the Firm, presents "The Affordable Care Act: Post-SCOTUS," an MCOL webinar.

The Supreme Court of the United States landmark decision on the Affordable Care Act creates one of the most significant points in the modern health care timeline that stakeholders must now chart their future strategic course from. The majority ruling upholds the Act, but allows for states to opt out of Medicaid expansion without losing base levels of Medicaid funding.

Furthermore, if there was any doubt, Medicare and Medicaid's push to drive health care efficiency will continue, and health care providers will need to continue to gear up their efforts to take risk on managing the costs of certain diagnoses in response to bundling programs, value based purchasing penalty programs and, for a few, the shared savings program.

Implementation will certainly proceed "a pace" and those who are interested in changing components of the ACA (e.g., the device tax) will undoubtedly turn their attention toward getting their "fix" included in omnibus legislation during the lame duck session or later addressing the sequester, entitlements, and SGR among others.

It is vital for organizations going forward to have an understanding not just the detailed aspects of the Decision, but also the strategic implications of the Decision on the future direction of the delivery and business of public and private health care in the United States, with particular regard to the Medicaid issues. The options and timelines need to be re-visited for stakeholders, who up to this point might have been fence-sitting regarding Health Insurance Exchanges, while the Mandate issue awaited the Supreme Court decision. Consideration needs to be given to potential subsequent actions at the state levels that will impact the ACT, along with subsequent regulatory guidance that had been delayed, at least in part, by the pending decision, and of course, the future legislation and the political arena.

In order to chart their course forward for this decade, Stakeholders will need to be fully equipped with the intelligence provided in this special HealthcareWebSummit briefing.

Mr. Lutes provides a thorough review and analysis of the Supreme Court decision's impact on the Affordable Care Act with particular regard to the Medicaid issues, as well as the implications, logistics, and strategic considerations for stakeholders as they move forward in the post-SCOTUS ACA-with-Mandate environment, with time allotted for attendee questions and answers.

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