Structuring 340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements: Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements


Alan Arville, Member of the Firm, will copresent "Structuring 340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements: Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements," a webinar hosted by Strafford Publications.

This CLE webinar will discuss the implications of the OIG's recently issued Memorandum Report: Contract Pharmacy Arrangements in the 340B Program and HRSA's comprehensive regulations expected to be published this summer.

Contract pharmacy arrangements have increased significantly since HRSA issued guidance permitting Covered Entities to utilize multiple contract pharmacies in 2010. To properly structure and document these arrangements, counsel must have a detailed understanding of the legal and business issues in contract pharmacy arrangements.

The panel will provide guidance on the key legal and operational considerations for structuring and documenting contract pharmacy arrangements, including the following critical questions:

  • What compliance challenges must be overcome when structuring a contract pharmacy arrangement?
  • How do recent HRSA and OIG developments impact contract pharmacy arrangements?
  • What operational and contractual considerations should counsel keep in mind when structuring and implementing these arrangements?
  • What areas will be addressed by new regulations proposed to be issued by HRSA in June?

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