Sick Leave Law in New York

Webinar (ET)

Genevieve M. Murphy-Bradacs, Senior Counsel, and Jillian de Chavez-Lau, Associate, will present "Sick Leave Law in New York," a webinar hosted by Lorman.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York employers have seen significant paid sick time legislation, and amendments to existing legislation, go into effect. As a result, employers are faced with a web of paid sick leave laws with different purposes, scopes of coverage, accrual rules, and other considerations that can be difficult to untangle.

This material will unpack the various paid sick leave laws in New York and help employers understand how to comply with their paid sick leave obligations. This information is critical for employers so that they can ensure that their existing sick time or paid time paid off policies are up-to-date.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to identify which type of paid sick leave applies in any given situation.
  • Be able to recognize whether your current sick leave or PTO policies are in compliance with New York law.
  • Be able to discuss the different types of paid sick leave available in New York.
  • Be able to explain how the different types of paid sick leave in New York interact with each other and other leave laws.

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