NYSBA Cyber-Security & Compliance Solutions in E-Health: Lessons Learned and How to Respond – Cyber-Security Assessment and Implementation

Webinar (EDT)

Arthur J. Fried and Charles C. Dunham, IV, serve as Program Co-Chairs of the NYSBA Cyber-Security and Compliance Solutions in E-Health live webinar.

Recent high-profile security breaches have raised awareness of the threats and need to address managing cyber-security risks. The health care industry is increasingly facing the impact of different sources for security breaches and the consequential consumer privacy complaints and penalties from federal and state government agencies.

As part of the webinar, Mr. Fried and Adam C. Solander will present "Lessons Learned and How to Respond: Cyber-Security Assessment and Implementation":

  • Interface of legal requirements with practical considerations
  • Education and training (directors, officers, managers and all employees)
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Amendments and corrective action

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