Non-Union Employers Brace for NLRB’s “Ambush Election” Rule

The Yale Club of New York50 Vanderbilt Avenue
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Presented by Epstein Becker Green Attorneys:
Michael F. McGahan and Steven M. Swirsky

On April 30, 2012, the NLRB's new rules which will result in quick and easy union organizing go into effect. These rule changes are expected to result in a surge of union organizing in industries and businesses long seen as safe from union organizing. NLRB rulings in 2011 allow unions to target small segments of a company's workforce, which can lead to piecemeal organization efforts. These new rules will seriously limit the time and opportunity that employers have to communicate with employees before a vote on representation.

At the same time the NLRB's requirement that all employers, whether they have union represented employees or not, post in their workplaces a written official Notice advising employees of their right to organize and be represented by a union. The NLRB has also announced a larger educational initiative, including setting up a new website and publishing brochures to inform non union workers of their rights under the NLRA.

Will you be ready to shelter your business from this "perfect storm" of union friendly rule changes and decisions by the NLRB? This briefing will not only bring you up to date on the new rules, but will focus on how to best be ready to counter the expected wave of union organizing efforts in industries and workplaces unions have historically stayed away from.

We hope you will join us for this timely and informative briefing.

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