New State and Local Laws Change Employers’ Obligations: A Clear Law Institute Webinar


Susan Gross Sholinsky and Jeffrey Landes, Members of the Firm, will present "New State and Local Laws Change Employers' Obligations," a webinar hosted by the Clear Law Institute.

This webinar will address the ramifications of newly-enacted state and local laws throughout the country on an employer's handbook policies and general operating procedures.

The program will include a discussion of the following laws:

  • Paid and unpaid sick time laws
  • Rules pertaining to vacation/PTO accrual, carry-over, and payout on termination of employment
  • "Ban the box" and other laws pertaining to using criminal history to make employment decisions
  • Pregnancy accommodation laws and notice requirements
  • Laws pertaining to employees' ability to bring guns to the workplace and the employer's parking lot
    Laws permitting medical and other lawful marijuana use
  • Drug testing laws
  • State family and medical leave laws
  • Minimum wage and overtime rules, including the legality of the "fluctuating workweek" method of calculating overtime.

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