NELI 35th Annual Employment Law Briefing: eWorkplace Policies Restricting Employees’ Use of Technology, Social Media, and The Cloud

Vail, CO

Vail Cascade Resort & Spa

Adam Forman, Member of the Firm, will present "eWorkplace Policies Restricting Employees' Use of Technology, Social Media, and The Cloud," a session at the National Employment Law Institute 35th Annual Employment Law Briefing.

This presentation will discuss workers’ privacy and organizations’ information security as employers decide how to restrict, monitor, and scrutinize employees, applicants, and litigants inside and outside the workplace’s physical and virtual walls. Mr. Forman will also present on the ever-growing “Cloud,” employers’ rights to limit employees’ personal social-networking site (SNS) postings, implications of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), prohibitions on forced disclosure of personal logins/passwords, litigation discoverability of SNS posts, photos and messages and compliant background checks.

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