L&E Lens on Business Immigration: Strategies and Compliance for Recruitment, Retention, and Termination

Webcast (EST)

Kimberly Grant, Jennifer Taler, and Nancy Gunzenhauser, attorneys in the Labor and Employment practice, present "L&E Lens on Business Immigration: Strategies and Compliance for Recruitment, Retention, and Termination," a webcast hosted by Lawline.

This program will examine the types of questions a recruiter may legally ask of potential applicants, identify who is within a “protected class” in this area, and provide a checklist of potential red flags to examine before extending an offer to a candidate who requires visa sponsorship. This program will also discuss how to select an appropriate visa classification, and in the lead-up to the annual H-1B cap filing that begins each April 1st, will examine alternatives to the H-1B nonimmigrant visa classification - including the legal parameters and acceptable activities within each class from the free trade visas, such as the TN, E-3 and H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore) to the E-1/E-2 investor visas, and to the more recent alternatives, such as the H-4 EAD, as well as more innovative approaches. In the midst of the excitement of landing that great candidate, the program will also examine compliance strategies to ensure a successful onboarding, including I-9 compliance tips and E-Verify, and tips for executing a lawful separation.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Understand the nuances in the recruitment of foreign-born talent, including how to determine whether someone requires sponsorship and spot impediments to obtaining work authorization
  2. Identify nonimmigrant visa options and other considerations in hiring
  3. Recognize common onboarding issues, including completing proper I-9 compliance through E-Verify or an alternate program
  4. Determine if there are additional legal requirements that stem from sponsorship in instances of legal separation 

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