Interns and the Law: Structuring a Compliant Internship Program


Susan Gross Sholinsky and Jeffrey Landes, Members of the Firm, will present "Interns and the Law: Structuring a Compliant Internship Program," a webinar hosted by the Clear Law Institute.

Before advertising and recruiting for this summer's internship program, it is imperative that your organization is aware of the various legal and practical considerations and pitfalls associated with such programs. Recent court rulings on unpaid internship programs may make your organization think twice before determining the practicality of utilizing unpaid internships. Specifically, employers that use interns in place of regular employees may face substantial legal risks under applicable wage and hour law. In fact, federal and state laws such as the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and federal and state child labor laws, all make creating a compliant and successful internship program a challenge for any organization. During this interactive webinar, we will explore the complete cycle of the internship process, including:

  • Legal analysis- Do wage/hour laws apply to internships?
  • Department of Labor's Six-Factor test
  • Litigation history regarding "intern" exception
  • Different standards for non-profits and the public sectors
  • Wage/Hour requirements if interns are "employees"
  • Practical considerations

For more information, visit the Clear Law Institute.