How to Handle Violations of Noncompetes and Confidentiality Agreements: A Lorman Education Services Webinar


Peter Steinmeyer, Member of the Firm and Co-Chair of the firm's Non-Competes, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secrets Practice Group, presents “How to Handle Violations of Noncompetes and Confidentiality Agreements,” a Lorman Education Services webinar.

This live webinar will describe the key steps to building a case once a trade secret theft or noncompete violation is suspected. It will also identify the true goals of a cease and desist letter and teach employers how to win the race to the courthouse once a trade secret theft or noncompete violation is suspected. Finally, because employees come and go, this webinar will also advise employers about practical steps to avoid litigation when hiring from a competitor. This live webinar provides critical information for businesses to survive and thrive in this era of employee mobility and information movement.

Topics will include:

Building Your Case Once a Trade Secret Theft or Noncompete Violation Is Suspected
  • Considerations When Investigating Potential Theft of Confidential Information
  • Gathering Evidence After They Have Gone
  • Investigative Interviews
The Cease and Desist Letter
  • Halt or Slow Misconduct
  • Stalling for Time While Gathering Evidence and Drafting Pleadings
  • Display Reasonableness and the Need for Injunctive Relief
Winning the Race to the Courthouse
  • Potential Legal Claims Against a Former Employee and/or His New Employer
  • Should Injunctive Relief Be Sought?
  • Potential Negative Consequences of Seeking Injunctive Relief
The Opposite Side of the Coin: Practical Steps to Avoid Litigation When Hiring From a Competitor
  • Gather Necessary Information
  • Protective Steps
  • Assess Likelihood of Litigation
  • Avoiding Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims

For more information, please visit or contact Mr. Steinmeyer.