Healthcare Financial Forum: Outlook for 2017 and Beyond – Five Exposures to Watch

Arlington, VA

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Mark Lutes, Chair of the firm’s Board of Directors and a Member of the firm’s Health Care and Life Sciences practice, will deliver the keynote presentation, "Outlook for 2017 and Beyond - Five Exposures to Watch," at the Healthcare Financial Forum.

The Trump Administration’s policies, and decisions made by Congress, will transform how providers deliver care and receive payment for healthcare services. While President Trump’s February 28 speech to Congress offered few details of a White House vision on health care reform, clues as to a potential future are offered in bills under consideration in the House. In this interactive presentation, we will help finance executives predict the top exposures for their organizations in 2017 by reviewing elements of the shift in the payment paradigm, the Washington policy context and its impact on the threats and opportunities facing their organizations, and the outlook for further legislative and regulatory change.

Key exposures that will be covered include:

  • Executive Orders & Scrutiny of Regulation
  • Tax Reform Impacting Commercial Health Care Coverage
  • Medicare Trends
  • Exchange Population Coverage Changes
  • Medicaid Expansion Population Financing Changes

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