Dos and Don’ts for Operating in New York in 2011

Audio Conference

Michael A. Kalish and Carrie Corcoran will present this all-new HR Hero audio conference, "Dos and Don'ts for Operating in New York in 2011."

Learn how new laws and recent court decisions impact New York employers. Did you know that under New York's WARN Act, you are required to provide 90 days' notice prior to a mass layoff or business closing? How about that the New York City Council could mandate paid sick leave?

Audio Conference Learning Take-Aways:

  • Find out more about the recently passed and signed Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Learn how New York state defines at-will employment
  • Find out about New York wage and hour laws, including the new Hours of Work for Nurses law that banned mandatory overtime for nurses
  • Get an overview of state human rights laws and how they differ from federal ones
  • Learn how employers use and disclose private information, such as social security numbers
  • Find alternatives to layoffs, such as the Shared Work Program, which allows employers to become eligible for unemployment insurance benefits

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