BNA Webinar: Now What? Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision on Health Reform


Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Senior Member of the Firm, and Leslie Norwalk, Strategic Counsel, join a BNA webinar panel discussion titled "Now What? Implications of the Supreme Court's Decision on Health Reform."

With the federal health reform legislation pending before the United States Supreme Court, there has been much anticipation about the results of the Court's decision and the effects that the decision will have. The faculty for this program will summarize what was before the court and what the court decided and will then discuss the implications stemming from the decision.

Topics will include what happens next in the courts; what the implications are generally for the U.S. economy (i) at the state level; (ii) at certain federal agencies; (iii) for the pending elections; (iv) for the federal legislative agenda (lame duck and new Congress 2013); and (v) for the Medicare Program going forward. The debt reduction law that triggers a two-present cut in Medicare payments unless Congress acts before January 1, 2013 will also be discussed.

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand what the decision means for the country
  • Learn how the decision may affect the elections and Congress
  • Find out how the decision may affect your company's direction in health care and health benefits.

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