AHIP Webinar: Building Structure and Support for an Effective Compliance Program


Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Senior Member of the Firm, and Joseph J. Kempf, Jr., Senior Attorney, present "Building Structure and Support for an Effective Compliance Program," an AHIP webinar.

This session is specifically designed for health insurance companies that are either beginning to formalize an internal compliance program, or need to evaluate the efficacy of a program which is already "up and running."

Topics for discussion will include:

  • How compliance programs are organized
  • How compliance programs operate day-to-day
  • How compliance programs minimize organizations risk
  • How to benchmark compliance efforts

Educational Objectives:

You will gain an overview on developing structure and support for an effective compliance program. The speakers will take a closer look at:

  1. Ways to Build Internal Support for Compliance Efforts
  2. Compliance Program Benefits
  3. Elements of Effective Compliance Programs and Legal Requirements
  4. How to Determine Overall Effectiveness

Who Should Attend:

  • Health insurance professionals who are responsible for any aspect of compliance in their day-to-day career
  • Leadership engaged in compliance and regulatory outreach and advocacy strategies
  • Health plan compliance and risk management professionals
  • Attorneys and legal staff
  • Health care consultants


I Introduction
II Building Support for an Effective Compliance
Program Through:
  • Sources of Authority
  • Managed Care Enforcement Precedents
  • Knowing the Benefits of Compliance Programs
  • The Roles and Duties of the Board
  • Having an Effective Compliance Officer and Management Compliance Committee
III Seven Elements of an "Effective" Compliance Program
IV Compliance Effectiveness Reviews

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