AELC 2017 Conference: Litigation Challenges – Motions That Make a Difference

Dana Point, CA

Monarch Beach Resort

David W. Garland, Member of the Firm and Chair of the firm's National Labor and Employment Steering Committee, joins the "Litigation Challenges – Motions That Make a Difference" panel at the American Employment Law Council (AELC) 2017 Conference.

In litigating an employment case, there are a number of motions that can be made prior to trial (aside from the ubiquitous motion for summary judgment) that can make a significant difference in the outcome of the litigation. These include motions to dismiss poorly pled or extraneous claims; motions to limit the scope of discovery; and motions to exclude irrelevant or unduly prejudicial evidence. Our panelists of experienced litigators will discuss several of the most important ones – focusing on the pros and cons, the strategic considerations, and the key points of each of them.

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