2019 National ILG Conference

Milwaukee, WI

Adam Forman and Nathaniel Glasser, Members of the Firm, will both be presenting at the 2019 National ILG Conference.

Mr. Forman and Mr. Glasser will co-present the panel “Predictive, or Perpetuating Bias?  How to Implement People Analytics Responsibly." In this session, Mr. Glasser and Mr. Forman will:

  • Provide a comprehensive survey of the legal landscape addressing predictive analytics in employment;
  • Advise attendees on how to evaluate potential new technologies and structure a plan for implementation; and
  • Teach attendees the key factors to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid when deploying predictive analytics.

Mr. Glasser will also co-present the panel “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Disability Inclusion." In this panel, attendees will learn:

  • The various types of AI utilized by employers, and how those technologies impact people with disabilities;
  • Strategies to ensure that any AI technologies adopted adequately take into consideration people with disabilities; and
  • AI-powered technologies that may assist employees with disabilities and help employers with their disability inclusion efforts.

For more information, please visit ILGConference.org