Epstein Becker Green's cross-border transaction attorneys partner with U.S. companies that are planning to expand their presence or transfer business activities abroad or have found themselves the target of inbound foreign investment. We also represent foreign investors and companies that wish to do business or raise capital in the United States. Our clients include both domestic and international companies from various industries, including health care and life sciences, financial services, hospitality, real estate, retail, and transportation. We have the experience, know-how, and resources necessary to handle the complex issues that arise from cross-border investments.

Our attorneys also understand the cultural nuances, legal difficulties, and risks related to structuring foreign investments and outsourcing arrangements, as well as operating multinational businesses. We have capabilities in many languages, are a founding member of the International Lawyers Network , and have focused initiatives in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America to assist companies doing business in the United States. We know our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate and can recommend appropriate and effective investments and transactions, tailoring deal terms to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Our Services

Foreign Investments

Epstein Becker Green regularly counsels U.S. companies on their overseas investments and business activities. We represent U.S. interests in a broad range of international corporate, financial, and commercial transactions, including structuring and negotiating:

  • international joint venture agreements
  • cross-border acquisition, sale, and lease arrangements
  • international license, distribution, and franchise agreements
  • international financial arrangements

U.S. Investments

Epstein Becker Green counsels public and private foreign investors on a wide array of U.S. investments. Foreign investors seek our advice and counsel with regard to purchasing or investing in a U.S. enterprise, whether through the direct acquisition of assets, the purchase of company shares, or some other means.

Foreign Companies

Epstein Becker Green counsels foreign companies looking to raise capital in the United States through public and private placements of their securities; establish U.S. subsidiaries; and enter into joint ventures, commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and other transactions with U.S. companies.

Outsourcing Transactions

Many companies rely on outsourcing—i.e., transferring business or management activities, such as IT and back-office operations, to an external third party — to cut costs and maintain their global competitiveness. Epstein Becker Green supports clients through all stages of their outsourcing projects to ensure that their interests are properly protected. Our services include:

  • working closely with clients and third-party consultants in preparing the initial request for proposal (RFP) and selecting appropriate vendors
  • structuring and negotiating core business, back office, and information technology related outsourcing arrangements and related schedules to make sure that the client retains control and flexibility
  • structuring joint ventures related to future outsourcing projects
  • providing advice on renewals and the restructuring of existing outsourcing arrangements
  • addressing labor-related issues, union or otherwise