Tip of the Week Invitation

Employment Law This Week

Be a Guest on Our Show!

Epstein Becker Green invites you to be featured in a “Tip of the Week” segment of Employment Law This Week – our new video series.

Each episode focuses on the latest trends, important court decisions, and new developments that impact managers, human resources professionals, in-house counsel, and others. For example:

  • Episode 1: “Joint Employer” Definition, Background Checks, and OSHA Targets Health Industry
  • Episode 3: Gender Bias, Facebook “Likes,” Student Wages, and Religious Beliefs Accommodations Case
  • Episode 6: Whistleblower Protection, Breast-Feeding Collective Action, Marijuana Use, Pattern-or-Practice Clais

Review these sample “Tip of the Week” segments, on YouTube:

  • Benjamin Bair – Global Head of Investigations and Whistleblowing:
    Tip on building an effective whistleblowing program. This includes training managers to recognize a potential claim, to handle properly and investigate thoroughly to resolve issues in the best way possible for everyone involved.
  • Rebecca White – Attorney and Compliance Counsel:
    Tip on developing a rapport with colleagues in Compliance and Regulatory, a look at the regulatory context when handling employment law cases, and making sure the case won’t result in future repercussions.
  • Greg Shih – Attorney:
    Discusses how important it is to stay abreast of a number of legal issues, because it’s very difficult to be a true specialist nowadays. It’s especially true at small or medium sized companies. We all have our majors and minors, but a big source of value add that in-house counsel can bring to the table is to generate insight, no matter what the context.
  • Tess Leopold – General Counsel for Nippon Life Benefits:
    Tips regarding performance appraisals. Whether your company has conventional performance management or a cutting edge approach, feedback has a role. Constructive criticism, diplomatically delivered, can achieve important results.

There is a minimal time commitment to participate and steps include:

  • Let us know you're interested! Email [email protected] and our team will follow-up with more information.
  • Explore potential topics with us, knowing the "Tip of the Week" segment is less than a minute. What best practices, caveats, and risk management ideas can you share?
  • Once a topic is selected, we can help script the segment or it can be ad-libbed. A practice interview will be conducted and, through editing, the segment is made the appropriate length. We make you look good!
  • Film the "Tip of the Week" at the most convenient location for you. This can be one of EBG's offices, our NYC studio, or your NYC office location. Filming takes about half an hour.
  • Sit back and enjoy the show.

Employment Law This Week has been well received and is among the first of its kind in the legal industry. We would be honored to feature you in a future episode. Let's discuss!