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Article Court Declines Resolving Circuit Split on What Constitutes a “False” Claim, but Will Consider Legality of Trump Abortion Gag Rule SCOTUS Today
Article Exploring Intentional Bias in the Marketing of Consumer Products Commercial Litigation Update Blog
Article Biden DOJ No Longer Argues That the ACA Is Unconstitutional SCOTUS Today
Article Court Favors Judicial Review in Railroad Benefits Case, Remands Two Cases Concerning Nazi-Era Looted Property SCOTUS Today
Article Court Refuses to Take Another Look at Case Questioning Whether Judge or Arbitrator Should Decide Scope of Arbitration Agreement SCOTUS Today
Article Unanimous Court Applies “Plain Meaning” Approach in Bankruptcy Decision SCOTUS Today
Article Understanding What Lies Behind Court’s Decision Dismissing Challenge to Trump Census Plan to Exclude Undocumented Aliens SCOTUS Today
Article Having Rejected Texas’s Meritless Election Suit, Court Decides Real “Original” Jurisdiction Case, and Denies Relief for Death Row Inmate SCOTUS Today
Article The Court Delivers Four Decisions, Including One Allowing a State to Regulate Reimbursements by Pharmacy Benefit Managers SCOTUS Today
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Article The Court Allows Post-Election Ballot Count in Pennsylvania, Strikes Down Two Fifth Circuit Rulings SCOTUS Today
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Article Two New Decisions Reflect the Court’s Evolved Emphasis on Applying Religion Clauses to Institutions Rather Than Employees SCOTUS Today
Article Term Closes with Blockbuster Decisions Holding President Is Not Immune from State Grand Jury and Congressional Investigative Subpoenas SCOTUS Today
Article Understanding John Roberts – a Conservative Institutionalist Concerned with the Durability of the Law SCOTUS Today
Article Court Doesn’t Deliver Hoped-For Decisions Yet, Instead Opines on TCPA and ‘Faithless Elector’ Law Cases SCOTUS Today
Article The Court Sides with Dot-Com in Trademark Case and Invalidates Montana Provision Barring Aid to Religious Schools SCOTUS Today
Article Supreme Court Hands Down Rulings in Controversial Reproductive Rights, First Amendment, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Cases SCOTUS Today
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Article Supreme Court Authorizes Exclusion of Aliens with Meritless Asylum Claims SCOTUS Today