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2020 in Review and What's to Come in 2021 - #WorkforceWednesday (January 6, 2021) - The past year tested our resilience, and COVID-19 forced everyone to think creatively and adapt quickly. Nowhere was that seen more clearly than in the workplace. Insights are contributed by attorneys Brian G. Cesaratto, Denise Merna Dadika, Nathaniel M. Glasser, RyAnn McKay Hooper, Shawndra G. Jones, Cassandra Labbees, Robert J. O'Hara, and George Carroll Whipple.

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Rising Unionization Risks - featured in #WorkforceWednesday (June 24, 2020): As businesses across the United States open up, workers may increasingly turn to unions to help support their safety. Employers should take steps to properly prepare for this resurgence in union activity. Attorney RyAnn Hooper explains more.

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NLRB Wraps Up a Busy Summer 2019 - A Trending News interview from Employment Law This Week® (October 4, 2019), featuring attorney RyAnn McKay Hooper, Associate: The Republican-majority National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) wrapped up a summer full of decisions that signal a shift in the Board’s focus.