Global Workforce Management

Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal have aligned to provide, when and where needed, a multidisciplinary team of business and legal professionals who can present comprehensive solutions to significant workforce issues that affect a company’s market position, strategy, innovation, and culture.

Prepare for tomorrow’s workforce management challenges today.

This alliance—having Epstein Becker Green’s employment, labor, and workforce management attorneys on the ground in the U.S. and Deloitte Legal's professionals on the ground globally—allows us to deliver multidisciplinary services using a holistic approach.

Global Legal Mobility Services

Support for International Workforces

We comprehensively support clients on employment-related matters—whether it be planning advice; drafting of assignment letters, multiple employment contracts, or mobility policies; or delivering advice on mandatory local applicable provisions and termination/repatriation matters.

Workforce Transformation

Manage Organizational Change

Whether regulatory or business-driven—be it a downsizing, transfer of undertaking, or acquisition—we advise and assist clients while providing a full range of change management services.

HR Risk, Regulatory, and Legal Advisory

Tailor-Made Global Compliance Programs

To prepare for the road ahead, we offer comprehensive global compliance programs that assess the “as is” situation, determine the “to be” situation, and arm clients with the best knowledge to mitigate the incumbent risks. We’ll set a go-forward plan to help set up the necessary controls to ensure full employment law compliance with jurisdiction(s).

Contingent Workforce

Comprehensive Support Related to Extended Workforces

We provide a full range of services to address this new way of working—from establishing a workforce strategy to conducting risk reviews and gap analyses. We will also assist with drafting the appropriate contracts, allowing clients to mitigate potential reclassification or IP issues. We also assist in class action litigation in the U.S.

Executive Compensation and Employee Share Plan

Global Incentive Design and Implementation

We help global organizations identify compensation components and structure employment of their executives, as well as navigate the corporate governance landscape and increased investor scrutiny.

About the Alliance

The basic terms of the agreement among the parties are as follows:

  • Deloitte Legal Germany and the other participating Deloitte Legal member firms entered into a non-exclusive alliance with Epstein Becker Green to create the first and largest global employment law and workforce management services resource for employers.
  • The non-exclusive alliance excludes the Deloitte U.S. member firm, which cannot provide employment law services and did not participate in the non-exclusive alliance.