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Jonathan Salm
Jonathan Salm Associate
Tel: 212-351-4932
Christina C. Rentz
Wendy J. Saperstone Senior Counsel
Tel: 212-351-4500
James J. Sawczyn
James J. Sawczyn Associate
Tel: 973-848-7728
Elizabeth Scarola
Elizabeth Scarola Associate
Tel: 727-551-4356
Julie Saker Schlegel
Tel: 973-639-8540
Amanda L. Schneider
Amanda L. Schneider Chief Marketing Officer
Tel: 202-861-1865
Bonnie I. Scott
Bonnie I. Scott Associate
Tel: 202-861-1869
Jackie Selby
Jackie Selby Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-4627
Brock J. Seraphin
Brock J. Seraphin Associate
Tel: 310-557-9537
Alaap B. Shah
Alaap B. Shah Member of the Firm
Tel: 202-861-5320
Andrew E. Shapiro
Andrew E. Shapiro Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-538-8252
Victoria Vaskov Sheridan
Victoria Vaskov Sheridan Member of the Firm
Tel: 973-639-8296
Machelle Dunavant Shields
Machelle Dunavant Shields Strategic Advisor
Tel: 901-712-3181
David Shillcutt
David Shillcutt Associate
Tel: 202-861-1877
Susan Gross Sholinsky
Susan Gross Sholinsky Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-4789
Timothy J. Murphy
Christopher Shur Law Clerk - Admission Pending
Tel: 212-351-3716
Dean L. Silverberg
Dean L. Silverberg Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-4642
Dean R. Singewald II
Tel: 203-326-7410
Victoria Sloan Lin
Victoria Sloan Lin Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-4844
Christopher R. Smith
Christopher R. Smith Senior Counsel
Tel: 202-861-1882
Lynn Shapiro Snyder
Lynn Shapiro Snyder Board of Directors / Member of the Firm
Tel: 202-861-1806
Brian E. Spang
Brian E. Spang Member of the Firm
Tel: 312-499-1462
Yael Spiewak
Yael Spiewak Of Counsel
Tel: 973-639-8258
Scott J. Splittgerber
Scott J. Splittgerber Senior Counsel
Tel: 212-351-4762
Matthew Sprankle
Matthew Sprankle Associate
Tel: 202-861-1848
Joshua A. Stein
Joshua A. Stein Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-4660
Peter M. Stein
Peter M. Stein Member of the Firm
Tel: 203-326-7420
William O. Stein
William O. Stein Member of the Firm
Tel: 310-557-9558
Brian W. Steinbach
Brian W. Steinbach Of Counsel
Tel: 202-861-1870
Peter (Pete) A. Steinmeyer
Peter (Pete) A. Steinmeyer Member of the Firm
Tel: 312-499-1417