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Philo D. Hall
Philo D. Hall Senior Counsel
Tel: 202-861-1382
Kristin M. Halsing
Kristin M. Halsing Associate
Tel: 310-557-9578
Gretchen Harders
Gretchen Harders Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-3784
Timothy J. Murphy
Tel: 202-861-1873
Douglas A. Hastings
Douglas A. Hastings Chair Emeritus
Tel: 202-861-1807
Brian Hedgeman
Brian Hedgeman Law Clerk - Admission Pending
Tel: 202-861-1387
Gary W. Herschman
Gary W. Herschman Board of Directors / Member of the Firm
Tel: 973-639-5237
Jonathan K. Hoerner
Tel: 202-861-1826
Carly Eisenberg Hoinacki
Carly Eisenberg Hoinacki Member of the Firm
Tel: 212-351-3701
RyAnn McKay Hooper
RyAnn McKay Hooper Associate
Tel: 212-351-4676
Jennifer M. Horowitz
Jennifer M. Horowitz Senior Counsel
Tel: 212-351-4622
Elizabeth D. Houghton
Tel: 212-351-4671
Tony L. Huber
Tony L. Huber Member of the Firm
Tel: 973-639-8257
Thomas E. Hutchinson
Thomas E. Hutchinson Strategic Advisor
Tel: 443-663-1351
Ryan H. Hutzler
Ryan H. Hutzler Associate
Tel: 202-861-1834