#WorkforceWednesday: Biden’s Labor Dept. Agenda, Vaccine Challenges, Second Wave of COVID-19 Rules

Employment Law This Week® - Episode 190


It’s #WorkforceWednesday! This week, we look at President-Elect Biden’s likely Department of Labor agenda and the challenges COVID-19 vaccines and rapid jurisdictional changes are creating for employers.

What Employers Can Expect from the Biden DOL (Video)

The Department of Labor will look very different under President-Elect Biden from how it did under President Trump, and the changes could come in the early days of Biden’s presidency. Attorney Paul DeCamp tells us more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Challenges in the Workplace (Video)

Employers considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccination programs need to address challenges. For example, how will your company handle reasonable accommodations or the potential risk of liability for health problems caused by employer-mandated vaccines? Read more.

Video: YouTube, Vimeo.

Second Wave of New COVID-19 Restrictions Put in Place

Numerous states and localities are putting in place new COVID-19 restrictions similar to what employers saw last spring. While this is not an exhaustive list, multi-jurisdictional employers can review our rundown of some of the most prominent changes.

Other Highlights

EEOC Launches EEO-1 Database

A new tool launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission uses privacy-protected aggregate EEO-1 data to “enable stakeholders to explore and compare data trends across a number of categories, including location, sex, race and ethnicity, and industry sector….” The data covers over 56 million employees and 73,000 employers across the United States. Click for more.

SCOTUS Looks at Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Oral arguments indicate the Supreme Court of the United States may be preparing to agree with a narrow interpretation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The Second, Fourth, and Ninth Circuits favor this narrow interpretation, in which there is no violation of the CFAA unless the accessed information at issue is itself not information the user is entitled to obtain or access at all. Learn more about the case, which will have a significant impact on employers.

Contact-Tracing Apps: What Should Multinationals Consider?

Contact-tracing apps enable employers to alert employees if they have been exposed to a co-worker with COVID-19. However, global employers have employee consent and jurisdictional rules to contend with. Learn more about what multinationals need to consider when it comes to contact tracing.

WORKFORCE (re)imagined.

Employers are strategically preparing for business beyond the pandemic. Stay up to date as you reimagine your workforce.

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