William Kopit Comments on Rise in Hospital Collaboration for Modern Healthcare

Attorney Highlight

William G. Kopit, an antitrust lawyer who is senior counsel in the Litigation and Health Care and Life Sciences Practices in the firm's Washington, DC office, spoke on the legal issues around a rise in joint operating agreements among hospitals and health systems for an article in Modern Healthcare magazine.

The cover story, "Haven't We Met Before?," which ran in the July 16, 2007, issue, examined whether changes in antitrust enforcement policy have prompted a new spate of collaborative arrangements among hospitals and other health organizations, after many such attempts faltered in the 1990s.

Kopit remarked that no shift in antitrust policy has acted as a major factor driving the agreements. He added that more hospitals are situated near one another but serve different markets, and they are seeking ways to benefit from joint operating agreements, which generally don't raise antitrust issues.