​Why Employers Are Paying More Attention to Telemedicine

The Advisory Board’s GC Agenda

René Y. Quashie, Senior Counsel, and Amy F. Lerman, Senior Counsel, in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the firm’s Washington, DC, office, authored an article in The Advisory Board’s GC Agenda, titled “Why Employers are Paying More Attention to Telemedicine.”

Following is an excerpt (see below for a PDF of the full version):

Employers are under increasing pressure to reduce the health care costs of their employees, while at the same time reducing absenteeism and increasing employee productivity. Beginning in 2018, a 40 percent excise tax known as the “Cadillac tax” will be imposed annually on health plans with premiums exceeding $10,200 per year for individuals and $27,500 per year for families. According to various projections, the Cadillac tax may impact at least one-third of U.S. employers because it generally will be applicable to employer-sponsored health plan coverage, including coverage under any group health plans offered by employers to their employees.