To Be Successful in 2018, HR Needs Support from Corporate Leadership

HR Dive

David W. Garland, Member of the Firm and Chair of the firm’s National Employment, Labor & Workforce Management Steering Committee, authored an article in HR Dive, titled, “To Be Successful in 2018, HR Needs Support from Corporate Leadership.”

Following is an excerpt:

The last few months of 2017 saw a seemingly never-ending string of high profile sex harassment allegations against high-level corporate figures. Many of the stories involved household names and recognizable brands. Many of them also had common elements: sordid and salacious allegations making a splash in the media, a news cycle that doesn’t allow sufficient time to respond, social media providing an accelerant to the attention focused on these stories, investigators retained in a shortened time frame and under pressure to find out what happened, and snap decisions on the actions needed to be taken against the alleged perpetrator.

Very few industries and types of companies have been spared. Media, entertainment and technology companies have seemingly borne the brunt, while start-ups to well-established corporate organizations have all experienced potentially disastrous claims and publicity. The harm that can be done to a company’s brand and reputation — and the value of a company’s stock — can be significant.