Ted Kennedy, Jr., Featured in “Growing Good Citizens”


Ted Kennedy, Jr., a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the firm’s Stamford, Connecticut, office, was featured in Parade, in “Growing Good Citizens,” by Dotson Rader.

Following is an excerpt:

Edward M. Kennedy, who died in 2009, is recognized by both political parties as having been America’s most important advocate for national health care reform. His passion for this issue was driven, in part, by a personal brush with tragedy when his older son, Ted Jr., lost his right leg to bone cancer at the age of 12.

“My father personally took command of the entire ordeal, being with me in the hospital room, sleeping there, giving me my injections, caring for me all that time,” says Ted Jr. “He met other families whose children were in my predicament, but those kids didn’t have access to health insurance or money; their families were personally bankrupted by their illness. He believed people shouldn’t be made destitute in caring for a sick child. He said that in taking care of me he developed his belief in the need for uniform health care." …

Subsequently, Ted Sr. encouraged his son to go into politics. “He thought I’d love it because I have passion about issues and a positive outlook on life, even after almost dying young.”

In January, Ted Jr. was sworn in as a member of the Connecticut State Senate, where he feels he’ll be able to do more good than if he followed in his father’s and uncles’ footsteps to Washington.

“I love representing my neighbors,” he says. “I’m grateful for that opportunity. Today all the political action is in the states, not in gridlocked Washington.”