Technology and Ethics: The Blinking Clock

New Jersey Law Journal

Christopher M. Farella, Counsel in the Litigation and Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practices, in the firm’s Newark office, co-authored an article in the New Jersey Law Journal, titled “Technology and Ethics: The Blinking Clock.” (Read the full version – subscription required.)

Following is an excerpt:

In this piece, we want to give you two viewpoints, that of a practicing attorney and the other of a practicing technology consultant. We want to help give you a better understanding of your ethical requirements and how to fulfill them in today's technological environment.

The main arena where you will be confronted with technology during your case is e-discovery. Any discovery collected, produced or received in digital form falls under the umbrella of e-discovery. This includes not only emails or Word documents stored on a computer, but also Facebook posts, text messages, LinkedIn pages, and other information that may be either stored or accessed through company (or sometimes personal) computers, tablets and phones. However, under this umbrella term there are different subsets of data.