Steinmeyer Quoted on Rise of Litigation Over Non-Compete Agreements

Lawyers USA

Peter Steinmeyer, a Member of the Firm in the Labor and Employment practice in the Chicago office, was quoted in Lawyers USA on an increase in litigation over the use of non-compete agreements.

In the article, "Litigation Over Non-Compete Agreements On The Rise," Steinmeyer said that while ten years ago litigation over non-competes was a small portion of his practice, today it comprises more than 50 percent.

He added that non-compete agreements have become broader to reflect the current business environment: "Today, an employer's most valuable assets are people and ideas. Thirty years ago, it was bricks and mortar." The Internet, he noted, has also added more risk.

"With a few key strokes, you can transfer documents, so the spread of technology has lead to increased concerns about the theft of confidential information."