Special Immigration Alert: July 2007 Visa Bulletin

It appears likely that the government will issue a statement today regarding the USCIS's refusal to accept employment-based adjustment of status filings due to the revised July 2007 Visa Bulletin. There are many rumors about whether there will be a negotiated solution and, if so, what the substance of the "fix" will be. The results could be any number of things, including the prospect that the government agencies are not able to agree on any "fix" at all.

We suggest that the foreign nationals with July "filable?" cases may want to be ready if there is an announcement that allows them to file. However, please note that this is an extremely fluid situation and there is no guarantee that anything will happen. In this regard, those seeking to be ready to file applications must be prepared to lose the expense of the medical exams, photos and other related costs in the event that no resolution of this issued is achieved.

Please stay tuned.